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The Fandangoe Discoteca is a mini disco designed by The Fandangoe Kid to shake out your grief and help you maintain daily mental health. The Discoteca programme is curated by The Loss Project and covers all intersections of grief from bereavement to climate angst to political rage to break ups. We are here for it all!

Working with K67 modular kiosks designed by the legendary Saša Mächtig in 1967, the piece will begin its life in Berlin, before moving to London in July. The team have also been commissioned for a series of subsequent Grief Raves throughout 2024. 

The words on the Build Hollywood billboard are written by Lara Haworth around a dream I had about the dancefloor, which for me describe the essence of togetherness.

The dates are as follows:

Fandangoe DISCOTECA:



As part of the launch of Fandangoe Discoteca, we launch Rom Boyd's Italo Disco EP : listen here and buy here. Stocks are limited!

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