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ALL OF YOUR TEXTURES LIVE INSIDE OF ME // Dorothy, Liverpool : 19.02.24 - 12.04.24

Many original pieces have now sold, but some remaining 1/1 paintings and artworks can be bought from Dorothy, here.

Working with painting, collage, 70's textures and polaroids from many years of travelling and moving through grief, the body of work looks at memory, and how we continue to find our lost loves (and selves) in living landscapes , in dreams, on walks, through conversations and subsequent discoveries. The pieces have been made over a long period of time and reflection with a lot of reading, watching, waiting and dreaming, plus thanks to my indelible influences, Sophie Calle, Jenny Holzer, and more recently WG Sebald. There is great trepidation in making this work and also great safety in the world it has created in developing the pieces. It’s an honouring of those who make us and an invitation to engage in your own experience of memory, time and the continuum, ‘the thin piece of silk’, between life and death. 


Text: Lara Haworth

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