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Juicy Fruits workshops

Annie Frost Nicholson and The Private Press have joined forces to offer you a space to escape to when the real world gets too much.


Who knew safety would be so damn desirable? As we move out of the pandemic and slowly begin to take stock of the trauma of it all, lodging itself conveniently deep in our recesses while we try and navigate our daily lives again, it’s clear that we have been through something huge, individually and collectively : no matter how you’ve made it through Covid, we can all agree life on the other side has changed. Enter Juicy Fruits, a space to bring your nervous system down as you move through the many stresses and plate spinning activities involved with your daily life. Juicy Fruits is an invitation (and permission) to do nothing but feel safe and secure.


Through image, text, composition and the use of Annie’s Olivetti typewriter and Gary’s printing press, we invite you to enter a cathartic space of confession and release.


Tried and tested in Liverpool to overwhelming response, Juicy Fruits  follows the launch of Annie Frost Nicholson’s radio show The Sweetest Taboo on Soho Radio, a space to find safety and release your shame.


How does it work? There are two workstations, one for screen printing different graphic elements in multiple colour ways and one for collaging, typesetting and working with Annie to develop a narrative. These art forms converge over the course of the workshop to result in your own unique pieces and hopefully some creative catharsis, a pause from the outside world.


All we need is a large table and a space and Juicy Fruits brings the rest.

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