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WORKSHOPS + TALKS: new for 2023

Living well with grief

How do we integrate grief into our daily lives?


How do we find joy in the present, while honouring those we have lost?


Join me on a creative and expansive journey through grief, where you will learn new ways to hold the nuances and complexities of loss, in balance with your life. Each participant will receive engaging and interactive creative resources to prepare for the day and will leave with long lasting transferable skills on managing grief and staying present in life.
















Creativity and mental health

I believe that creativity saves our souls and heals our wounded hearts. And I’m living proof of it. When I lost my family in 2011 and suffered the most painful trauma, the primary thing that pulled me out of the griefy abyss was creativity. I literally painted and drew my way out of it. And you can too. In this session, you’ll be given the freedom to explore your mental health through a creative medium such as painting and collage to construct visual narratives. You will be given the tools to apply creativity to living well and maintaining good mental health, learning how to manage the ups and the downs and develop a tool kit to thrive.















Making space for mental health in our busy lives

How can we live well and balance our many lives from work, to family, friend family, passions and simply getting enough sleep? In this session we will explore balance, through creative journaling and storyboarding to develop sustainable approaches to living better, working smarter and allowing ourselves the pleasure we need in life to prevent a burn out.




‘Annie is an outstanding artist and speaker who has turned trauma and grief into a learning experience for all. She specializes in showing others how to cope with the complexities of life, death, and the human condition, through powerful and moving talks and enlightening workshops. Her work is designed to bring out the best in us all.’


Dr. Alfred S. Titus, Jr. Retired Homicide Detective and Criminal Justice Consultant, NYPD


‘Working with Annie is a joy and a gift. Her ability to combine her experiences of grief with her beautiful art and creativity so openly inspires my own practice. You're in safe hands with Annie, with thoughtful, human, relationship and heart-centred work, with a sprinkling of beauty, hope and love thrown in.  It has been a pleasure working with her, and it's one of my favourite collaborations on The Loss Project to date. I'd highly recommend anyone to work with her.’


Carly Attridge, Founder, The Loss Project


































A minimum of 3 sessions in close succession (over 3 months) is recommended to encourage long lasting shifts in patterns and approaches to mental health and develop new creative connections




£700 per session (3 hours + planning and pre/post session resources)


Small groups (up to 10)


£1300 per session (3 hours + planning and pre/post session resources)


Businesses (10+ to 200):

£1500 a day for corporate away days and retreats (3 hours + planning and pre/post session resources)


schools + public sector


Please email me directly


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